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My Horio was created so we can all share special Greek recipes with each other.

And most importantly, to share what our older family members have passed down to us through the generations.

No matter what region or horio of Greece we come from, two things remain the same...

the love of family, and showing that love through our food! Let's spread the love!

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My Horio is a great place to keep your personal greek recipes in one spot.

How many times have you been asked by people to share a recipe?

Now you can save all your recipes on My Horio and simply send people a link when they ask.

Internet Recipes

Need a place to save recipes from YouTube or from greek food blogs?

Save any video or greek recipe from the internet to My Horio and access it anytime.

We just ask that you mention the recipe's origin.

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My Horio has many of its own delicious recipes.

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