Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region

The Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Cuisine

Where is the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region of Greece?

The Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region is located in the northeastern part of Greece. Included in this region are the islands of Thassos and Samothraki.

Bordering this region is Bulgaria to the north, Turkey to the east, the Thracian Sea to the south, and Central Macedonia to the west.

The capital city is Komotini.


The five main cities of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace are:
– Alexandroupoli
– Drama
– Kavala
– Komotini
– Xanthi

What does the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region have to offer?

There are two airports:
– Alexandroupoli
– Kavala

And three ports:
– Keramoti
– Thassos
– Kavala

– Tobacco
– Lamb
– Honey
– Dairy Products
– Vegetables (potatoes, peppers, beans, tomatoes)
– Fruit (apples, plums, peaches, pears)
– Commercial Fishing
– Wine

This region has no shortage of beaches – Beaches in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Thassos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece – Thassos Beaches
Samothraki beaches have a more rugged feel  – Samothraki Beaches

The cuisine in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace has been greatly influenced by the many ethnic groups of people that have come through this region over the centuries. For example, the Bulgarians, Turks, Romanians, Sarakatsani, and Pontians are just a few that have left their mark. 

Due to the cold winters, you’ll find winter cuisine such as cold cuts, pickled foods, and kavourmas (slow-cooked meat with salt and spices). Tasty mussels and seafood dishes are found in Alexandroupoli, and lovely syrup pastries are famous in the towns of Xanthi and Komotini (syropiasta).

Alexandroupoli Restaurants
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The Best Restaurants in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

The lush mountainous terrain, small lakes, and waterfalls provide beautiful hiking opportunities for visitors, and the sandy beaches are some of the best in all of Greece. 

The area of Thrace has been credited as the first great wine region of the world – see Wineries and Vineyards. Wine tastings are plentiful here, with eighteen commercial wineries in the Drama and Kavala area alone. Chateau Nico Lazaridi is one of the largest wineries, producing 1.1 million bottles per year.

This region is abundant with ancient and multi-cultural historical sites where you can literally walk in the footsteps of the ancients. In the 2nd century BC, Rome built a 700-mile long road (the Via Egnatia). This created a link between the western and eastern empires – a natural passageway for the historical Silk Road and Spice Route that snaked from the Mediterranean to India and China. 

Tobacco farming was introduced in the 16th century, and Kavala became an international port for tobacco exporting. The Tobacco Museum has curated the history that once made this product as precious as gold.


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