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The Epirus Region of Greece

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Where is the Epirus Region of Greece?

The Epirus Region of Greece is located in northwestern Greece.

This region is bordered by Albania to the north, the  Western Macedonia region to the northeast, the Thessaly region to the east, the Western region to the south, and the Ionian Island region / Ionian Sea to the west. 

The capital city is Ioannina.

The nine main cities of the Epirus region are:
– Arta
– Igoumenitsa
– Ioannina
– Konitsa
– Metsovo
– Paramythia
– Parga
– Preveza
– Syvota

What does the Epirus Region of Greece have to offer?

There are two airports:
– Ioannina
– Preveza/Aktion

There is one port:
–  Igoumenitsa

This region provides more than 45% of Greece’s meat, but its rough terrain makes it difficult to grow crops. Most food items are imported from other, more fertile, regions of Greece. However, because of the rough terrain, this region has plenty of amazing wildlife, such as deer, bears, wolves, foxes, and lynxes.

Epirus’ cuisine is all about local products and traditional dishes. Recipes include many local ingredients that grow organically on the many hillsides, like wild greens and wild mushrooms. 

Farm products include sheep and goat meat, cheese, yogurt, butter, buttermilk, and milk. Local feta cheese ranks among the top fetas in all of Greece. Interestingly, olive trees do not thrive in this region, therefore you’ll find butter is used more in this region than olive oil. 

Agricultural products/activities include:
– Sheep and Goat Husbandry
– Tobacco
– Fish (Trout, Salmon)
– Eel (from Arta)
– Vegetables
– Cheeses (Feta, Kefalotyri, Metsovone, Galotyri, Manouri, Anthotyro)
– Yogurt, Butter, Milk, Buttermilk, 
– Wild Greens
– Wild Mushrooms
– Nuts
– Tsipouro (brandy)
– Grapes
– Wine (particularly from the Zitsa and Metsova areas)
Wineries and Vineyards in Epirus

The Epirus region is mostly made up of mountainous ridges and is separated from the Western Macedonia and Thessaly regions by the Pindus Mountains. The Pindus mountain range brings a cool climate, and the winds coming from the Ionian Sea also make Epirus the rainiest of all regions.

This does not mean, however, that the Epirus region is lacking in the beach department. The western coastline is home to some beautiful beaches. The areas of Parga, Sivota, and Preveza border the Ionian Sea and are popular beach destinations, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

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Best Epirus region beaches

Epirus is home of the Greek pita (both savoury and sweet) – it is an everyday staple in this region and there are at least 70 varieties! You can buy them in bakeries, but are even better when served in traditional restaurants (especially in the villages of Zagorochoria). 

Restaurants are plentiful. However, if you are looking for more traditional Epirus fare and want to get away from the touristy Parga taverns, Ioannina is a great place to visit. There you can sample local dishes made with frogs, river crabs, and eels. And don’t forget about kadaifi for dessert while sitting by beautiful Lake Pamvotida.

Arta Restaurants
Igoumenitsa Restaurants
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When most people think of the Epirus region, they think of Parga. It is undoubtedly the most popular summer destination because of its Venetian architecture, stunning beaches, and colourful island vibe. While there, you can visit the Castle of Parga that was originally built in the 11th century, which gives an amazing view of the town and of the Ionian Sea. 

Syvota (30km from Parga) is a beautiful little fishing village that is snuggled within greenery. It has a peaceful feel, with a laid-back seafront promenade. There are some small islands off the coast of Sivota that have historical importance, as this is where the naval battle between the Corcyraeans and the Corinthians took place in 432 BC. Many sunken ships from that battle still remain at the bottom of the sea.

The Acheron River (25km from Parga) is one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld, according to ancient Greek mythology. It is not a tourist spot, but is known for its crystal clear waters and unspoiled natural beauty. A wonderful place to hike and do a bit of kayaking.

Ancient Dodona
Dodona (22 km from Ioannina) is the most important archaeological site in Epirus. It is the oldest Hellenic oracle – Homer described it as an oracle of Zeus. According to Herodotus, this site possibly dates back to between 2000 – 1001 BC.  

The town of Ioannina with Lake Pamvotida is beautiful, and so is its historic city centre. The castle of Ioannina was built in 528 AD by Emperor Justinian, and is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece. Only 4km from Ioannina is Perama, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe dating back about one and a half million years. 

The talented work of artisans and silversmiths in the Ioannina area are well known throughout Greece. The silver and gold wirework/cast jewellery can be seen in the town’s jewellery shops that showcase both traditional and modern designs.

The mountainous villages of Zagorochoria (there are 46 villages!) offer hiking, horseback riding, and river rafting to those who love nature. In fact, Vikos Gorge is the second deepest gorge in the world after the Grand Canyon, and offers amazing hiking opportunities.


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