Try out some of our Greek recipes! You may find a new favorite!

Kagiana Strapatsatha
Kagiana, or strapatsatha, is a simple but delicious meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is served in households throughout Greece.
lahanosalata cabbage salad
Lahanosalata, or cabbage salad, is a simple, delicious, and healthy salad that is very popular in all of Greece, particularly in the Central Macedonian region.
kolokithokeftedes zucchini fritters
Kolokithokeftedes, or zucchini fritters, are the result of taking a fresh summer vegetable like zucchini and turning it into a golden, crisp, and delicious appetizer or meal. Always accompanied by a healthy amount of tzatziki, these zucchini fritters are found all over Greece. However, they are most popular in Thessaloniki and the surrounding Central Macedonia region.